One of the major things I’ve learned is to try not to have too many staff meetings. I read a great book that showcases efforts on meetings and meeting schedules. It explains how meetings can be “toxic” and if not organized properly can turn into a major waste of time.

Things like moving on a proper schedule, coming prepared and committing to an action plan are all part of the strategy of the Modern Meeting Standard. So if you have some time, read this before your next meeting.

Here’s a few tips from the Modern Meeting Standard:

1. The Modern Meeting supports a decision that has already been made.
2. The Modern Meeting starts on time, moves fast, and ends on schedule.
3. The Modern Meeting limits the number of attendees.
4. The Modern Meeting rejects the unprepared.
5. The Modern Meeting produces committed action plans.
6. The Modern Meeting refuses to be informational. Reading memos is mandatory.
7. The Modern Meeting works only alongside a culture of brainstorming.

Freddie Harb

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