“Past Market Plays”, a new favorite question that a lot of promoters love to ask these days. 

This is a question that has become more and more popular over the years. From the bigger markets to the smaller markets, everyone wants to know how the artist(s) have done in the market before they dig any deeper into the artist. I’ve sent artist pitches to promoters that I know ask this question and in my pitch, I specify “no past market history” and they still respond with the same question BUT that’s another topic… LOL

If the artist has a really good past market history, he will most likely be playing for the same promoter or group.

On the other hand, maybe the artist/management want to explore other options, maybe play a venue or event that has a different crowd to expand the artist’s fan base, maybe the promoter and the management are not seeing eye to eye on things or maybe the sounds are drifting apart from what the promoter is pushing and where the artist is going. There could be many reasons for this.

I get it. They want to make sure that the artist will sell. We all know that not every market is the same but at the same time where is the excitement on wanting to bring something new to the market? I can’t tell you the countless festival lineups, club shows, promoted shows I see online and it’s like looking at old flyers with a new date on it.

Maybe I speak for myself but I salute all the promoters that are pushing the envelope and want to bring new talent to their cities. Not only will the artist and management will appreciate being there for the start of a new journey with you but your followers will appreciate this as well. Would you rather keep going to the movies and watch the same movie over and over or would you rather watch new movies? Maybe one of these guys takes off to the next stage and you will be part of that process!

Angel Matos
East Coast Director

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