On this week’s episode of the ROAD Podcast, the fellas welcome DC’s finest, DJ RI5E. RI5E and Crooked speak on DJ’ing The Park at 14th in the early 2010’s with QuickSilva and shine light on the original godfather of nightlife in DC, Marc Barnes. Crooked gives props to DJs like DC’s own Jerome Baker III whose unique DJ style helps shape the local nightlife scene in his city and the fellas speak on the “just do you” phrase when spinning guest spots. The crew speak on the lack of Afrobeats being played on the west coast, debate whether DJs are still tastemakers, and discuss how DC nightlife doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Finally, the fellas speak on the Adobo Latin Party and address a recent Twitter exchange regarding El Alfa being the crossover star for Dew Bow.